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 Yoga for Peace

Dr. K.V. Raghupathi's book, 'Yoga & Peace' is being released by Prof. C. Ramaiah, former Prof of Philosophy & Dean, S.V.U. Thirupathi & Member of Indian Philosophical Congress in the presence of the Director of Sri. Swami Vivekananda Yoga Viswavidyalaya, Bangalore.

My Books on Yoga

1. YOGA FOR PEACE, New Delhi, Abinav Publications, 2007

In India and abroad yoga seems to be different things to different people, with the result the original and pure yoga as expounded by the great sage Patanjali two thousand years ago actually has become drained, diluted, remote, shallow, unreachable and unrecognizable.  The path of True Yoga actually leads one out of darkness into the light; and it is a perpetual journey into the mysteries of life.  It takes up and leads us unfailingly and unerringly to the heights of greater splendor and glory where perfect peace, harmony and wisdom reign supreme.  But this goal of yoga can only be reached through a regenerated, spiritual mind; a mind which is pure, subtle and sensitive.  Needless to say, this yoga is missing now.  It is misunderstood, misconceived into something by various names, gymnastics, fakirism, beauty culture and therapy, health science, sex therapy, meditation technique and so on.  Against this backdrop, the essays are framed on the basis of the first two sections, namely,Samadhi Pada and Sadhana Pada of Patanjali’sYoga Sutras.  These are originally condensed talks delivered at Sri Aurobindo Society, Triupati.  In preparing these essays, the writer has drawn both upon his own experience and the Yoga Sutras.  Ultimately, the only pure yoga is in living, constantly purifying oneself, leading to the discovering of oneself.  The reader will find it useful and perhaps even illuminating to dispel certain misconceptions.

2. YOGA AND ZEN: A MONOGRAPH, New Delhi, Sarada Publishing House, 2007 

India is a home of rich spiritual traditions and philosophies.  Yoga and Buddhism are the two greatest systems of philosophies given to humanity.  The former expounded by Patanjali remained and lasted as pure tradition, while the latter when it was split into several schools.  Zen was born from one such school called Madhyamika as it traveled to the far east.,  Though originated in India, the two are diametrically opposed in respect of theology, cosmology, methodology and technique.  The concise mono graph takes an insightful look into similarities and differences between these two systems which made a deep impact on human life.  This small but invaluable study is considered as a rich contribution to the field of comparative study of philosophical systems of religions.

Awarded First Prize Rs. 2000/- for his essay on Yoga at International Yoga Festival held at Pondicherry in 1992. 

The award was presented by the Chief Minister of Pondicherry State. 

                                    Published Articles on Yoga in Various Journals:

  1. “Theory and Practice of Hastha Yoga”. Education of Yoga. Vol.10. Issue no.9, September, 2016.
  2. “Theory and Practice of Eco-Yoga: Thoughts on How Yoga can Help Remedy Environmental Issues, Part        -I”, The Vedanta Kesari, Vol. 103, No. 2 February, 2016. Pp. 75-79. ISSN: 0042-2983. “Theory and                       Practice  of Eco-Yoga: Thoughts on How Yoga can Help Remedy Environmental Issues, Part - II”, The              Vedanta Kesari, Vol. 103, No. 2 March, 2016. Pp. 32-36. ISSN: 0042-2983. “Theory and Practice of                     Eco-Yoga”, Sri Aurobindo’s Action (The Journal of India’s Resurgence). Vol.47 No.6, 7, 8,9,10 May, June,         July, August-September and October, 2016.
  3. “The Yoga of Divine Love”, Prabhuddha Bharata, Vol. 118, No.9, Sept. 2013, Pp. 531-35. ISSN: 0032-6178.
  4. Raghupathi, K.V. “Evolution: Darwin, Sufism and Sri Aurobindo” Prabhuddha Bharat, Vol.119, No.10,               October 2014.Pp. 569-73. ISSN: 0032-6178.
  5. Limitations of J.K.Krishnamurti’s Philosophy. Indian Book Chronicle, Vol.xxxiii. No.6-7, June-July, 2007.
  6. Samyama and Three Aspects. The Vedanta Kesari. August, 2008.ISSN: 0042-2983
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  9.  Pranayama, Sapthagiri, TT.D, Dec. 2005.
  10.  Yoga and Ayurveda. Sapthagiri (Tirupati), June 2004, VedanthaKesari (Chennai) September,                             2005.ISSN: 0042-2983
  11.  Yogic Food and Sadhana, Sapthagiri (Tirupati), October 2004.
  12.  Yoga as an Art of Social Reconstruction. Sapthagiri (Tirupati) No. 2003.
  13.  Therapeutic Values of Yamas and Niyamas. Sapthagiri (Tirupati), August, 2002;           VedanthaKesari (Chennai) 2002.ISSN: 0042-2983
  14. Dimensions of Yoga, Vedanta Kesari, Nov 2001, Sapthagiri, Jan, 2002.
  15. Yoga: A Science of Relaxation, Sapthagiri, May, 2001.
  16. Yogic Walking for Relaxation, Sapthagiri, TTD, December, 1999.
  17. Yoga for peace, Vedanta Kesari, Chennai, September, 1999.ISSN: 0042-2983
  18. Yoga and Western Psychology, Sapthagiri, TTD, February, 1999.
  19. Yoga for an Integrated Life, Sapthagiri, TTD, January, 1997.

Raghupathi holds diploma in Yoga, Naturopathy, and Ayurveda from Sri Venkateswara Yoga Research institute, Tirupati.

He has  more than three decades of strong practice of advanced yoga in Patanjali’s tradition.

Has published nearly 40 articles  on Yoga in various cultural journals such as  Prabhudda Bharat( Kolkata),Vedanta Kesari (Chennai), Sri Aurobindo Action(Pondicherry) and Sapthagiri (Tirupati)

My Awards

Dr. K.V. Raghupathi is a recipient of:

1. "Michael Madhusudhan Dutt
     Award", Kolkata in 2001, 

2."H.D.Thoreau Fellowship"
     Dhvanyaloka, Mysore in 2000.

3. "The Best Chosen Poet for 2003",Poetry           Society of India, New Delhi.

4. "A Citation and Cash Award" by Chennai       Poet's Circle on 11 Dec 2011, Chennai.

5. "Rock Pebbles National Award for                     2014"Bhubaneshwar

Awards in Yoga 

Awarded First Prize Rs. 2000/- for his essay on Yoga at International Yoga Festival held at Pondicherry in 1992. 

The award was presented by the Chief Minister of Pondicherry State.

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