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Articles Published in National and International Journals & Books

1. “Theory and Practice of Eco-Yoga – Part I”, Vedanta Kesari, ISSN: 0042-2983, February, 2016 Pp. 75-79.
2. “Theory and Practice of Eco-Yoga – Part II”, Vedanta Kesari, ISSN: 0042-2983, March, 2016 Pp. 110-114.
3. “Making and Unmaking it Stereotype: A Critical Appraisal on New Women Voices in Indian English Poetry”,             The Literatti (a transnational peer reviewed journal devoted to English language and Literature), ISSN:                    2248 – 9576. Summer (5.1) 2015. Pp. 26-37; Panorama Literaria (A refereed bi-annual journal devoted to               world literature and culture), Vol.2, No. 2, July-December, 2015, Pp.18-28. ISSN: 2349-0705.
4. “Alternative Education: A Quest for Holistic Learning”, University News (a weekly journal of higher                               education) ISSN: 0566 – 2257. Vol. 52, No. 47, November 24-30, 2014. Pp.19-24.
5. “Theory and Practice of Eco-Yoga: Thoughts on How Yoga can Help Remedy Environmental Issues, Part - I”,             The Vedanta Kesari, Vol. 103, No. 2 February, 2016. Pp. 75-79. ISSN: 0042-2983.
6. “Theory and Practice of Eco-Yoga: Thoughts on How Yoga can Help Remedy Environmental Issues, Part - II”,            The Vedanta Kesari, Vol. 103, No. 2 March, 2016. Pp. 32-36. ISSN: 0042-2983
7. Raghupathi, K.V. “Is Indian English Poetry Dead or Alive?” Literary Vibes, Vol.IV.isssue 1. Jan. 2015. Pp. 44-          52 ISSN 2320-6896.
8. Raghupathi, K.V. “Evolution: Darwin, Sufism and Sri Aurobindo” Prabhuddha Bharat, Vol.119, No.10,                         October 2014.Pp. 569-73. ISSN: 0032-6178.
9. Raghupathi, K.V. “A Critical Note on P.Raja’s ‘Five-Headed Arrow’”  Contemporary Vibes, Volume No. 9,                   Issue No. 36, July-Sept. 2014. Pp.47-9. ISSN: 0975-1750.
10. Raghupathi, K.V. “Alternative Education: A Quest for Holistic Learning”, University News, Vol. 52. No.47,                November 24-30, 2014. Pp.19-24. ISSN: 0566-2257.
11. Raghupathi, K.V."Water and Religion: An Interface with Deep Ecology", Conemporary Literary Review                   India ( a peer reviewed international journal), July, 2013, ISSN: 2250-3366, Pp. 62-72.
12. “Second Inclusion and Exclusion in Indian Poetry in English”,Indian 
         1. Book Chronicle, Vol. XXXVII, April, 2012
13. “Feminist Criticism and Indian Tradition”, Literary Criterion, Vol. 
         a. XLVI. No. 1. 2011. Pp. 62-77. 
14. “Aesthetics of Sri Aurobindo and Tagore”.  International Journal of 
         a. English Language and Literature, Vol.1, No.1 April, 2011.
15. “Poetics of Marginalised Voices in Indian English Poetry”.Writers 
        a. Editors Critics (International Biannual Refereed Journals of 
        b. Contemporary English Literature) March 2011, Vol.1, No.1.
16. “R.S. Crane and T.S. Eliot”.Litcrit India. Volume VI. Jan-July.2
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18. “A Critical Note on R.K.Singh’s Poetics”. Poetcrit,Jan. 2009, Vol.xxii. 
          a. No. 1.
19. “Second Inclusion and Exclusion in Indian Poetry in English: A Taxonomic Essay”,Indian Book Chronicle.                     ISSN: 0970-468, Vol. XXXVII, No.4, April, 2012, Pp.15-16
20. “Feminist Criticism and Indian Tradition”, Pp. 62-77 The Literary Criterion,Vol.XLVI No. 1, 2011
21. “Literary Legend Speaks (Interview by Dr. P.V.Laxmi Prasad)”Pp. 1014. Contemporary Vibes, ISSN:  0975-              1750, Vol.6, No.24, July-Sept, 2011.
22. “A Critical Note on TVReddy’s ‘Gliding Ripples’” Pp.35-41 Poetcrit(an International Refereed journal), ISSN:           0970-2830, Vol. XXXIII, No.2, July 2010.
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29. “The Yoga of Divine Love”, PrabhuddhaBharata, Vol. 118, No.9, Sept. 2013, Pp. 531-35. ISSN: 0032-6178.
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34. “Philosophy of Literature”, The Literati (A transnational peer reviewed journal devoted to English Language          and Literature), Winter 2012, Pp. 10 15. ISSN: 2248-9576.

Articles in Books:

  1. “Rural Scenes and Characters in T.V.Reddy’s Poetry”, Critical Evaluation of 
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Book Review Articles:

1. . “Dhoti and Other Poems” by P.Raja. New Delhi: Authorspress, 2014; “Water Please” by P.Raja, New Delhi: Gnosis (an International Journal of English Language & Literature), ISSN: 2394-0101 Vol.1. No.2 January, 2015; Poetcrit, ISSN: 0970-2830, Vol.XXVIII, No.2 July, 2015.


1. i"Scholar-Lunatic", Research Chronicler (Internatinal Multidisciplinary Research 
2. Journal) ISSN: 2347-503X, Vol. IV. Issue III, May 2016
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4. 2015, Pp. 201-4. ISSN: 2320-6896.
5. iiiRaghupathi, K.V. “Three Experiences with Snakes” (a short story) Transfire, 
6. April-June, 2015, Pp.73-77. ISSN: 2250-1738; Labyrinth (an international 
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12. (Daily newspaper published from New Delhi, Silguri, and Kolkata), 20 September,  
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16. Raghupathi, K.V. “Smart Phone and the Little Boy”, The Hindu (Open Page), December 22, 2015.


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                                                                                BOOK REVIEWS PUBLISHED

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                                                                   ANTHOLOGIES THAT INCLUDED MY ARTICLES


  1. Beyond Theory. ‘Textual Applications of Theories. (ed.) Dr. Sunita Jakhar, Book Enclave, Jaipur, 2009
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Non –Literary (Articles on Yoga):

  1. Limitations of J.K.Krishnamurti’s Philosophy. Indian Book Chronicle, Vol.xxxiii. No.6-7, June-July, 2007.
  2.  Samyama and Three Aspects. The Vedanta Kesari. August, 2008.
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  7.  Yogic Food and Sadhana, Sapthagiri (Tirupati), October 2004.
  8.  Yoga as an Art of Social Reconstruction. Sapthagiri (Tirupati) No. 2003.
  9.  Therapeutic Values of Yamas and Niyamas. Sapthagiri (Tirupati), August, 2002; Vedantha Kesari (Chennai)            2002.
  10. Dimensions of Yoga, Vedanta Kesari, Nov 2001, Sapthagiri, Jan, 2002.
  11. Yoga: A Science of Relaxation, Sapthagiri, May, 2001.
  12. Yogic Walking for Relaxation, Sapthagiri, TTD, December, 1999.
  13. Yoga for peace, Vedanta Kesari, Chennai, September, 1999.
  14. Yoga and Western Psychology, Sapthagiri, TTD, February, 1999.
  15. Yoga for an Integrated Life, Sapthagiri, TTD, January, 1997.

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