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My Critical Works

7. Critical Perspectives on the Post-1980 Indian Novel in English, Jaipur: Yking Books, 2016. ISBN: 978-93-85528-59-0. 

Indian Novel in English has gained a great momentum in the last three decades since the publication of Salman Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children in 1982.   Scores of writers both living in India and abroad have enhanced the prestige of Indian Novel in English in the world of literatures challenging their counterparts in the west.  However, this phenomenal increase in their  number and quantity of publication and bagging a number of coveted international awards alone cannot guarantee quality, but on the other have raised serious debatable questions.  In the backdrop of this, a seminar was organized in April, 2015 to discuss and debate ove these crucial issues.  The anthology is the outcome of this seminar comprising 29 articles dealing with various themes.  It is an added value to the existing critical literature, and the editor is of the belief that it would act as a secondary source book for further research, both for scholars and teachers. 

6. A Portable P. Raja, New Delhi, Reliance Publishing House, 2016.

5. Critical Perspectives on Contemporary Women Poets in Indian English Poetry, Jaipur, Aadi Publications, 2015.

4. "The Rural Muse: The Poetry of  T. Vasudeva Reddy", published by Authors Press, New Delhi.


Gopal Honnalgere as poet of remarkable genius who had led a life of a Bikshu and never saught  any fame, recognition or honours or distinctions in public. A contemporary poet of the immediate post-independence generation poets, he has written his poetry out of amalgamation of his personal experience, travels and wide readings of philosophical and religious texts.


Gopal wrote with humour, Intelligence, modernity, realism, concreteness of experience, self reflection, and love, effectiveness of communication, free flow, anecdotal and unconventional style. Humour is the distinctive feature of his poetry. It is all pervading. Behind his humour there lies in depth a thought for reflection.

In this book Dr. K.V. Raghupathi, presents critical evaluation and estimation of Gopal Honnalgere's poetry with a hope that the future readers and scholars and lovers of poetry would immensely derive benefit from it.

2. BRAVE NEW WAVE: 21 INDIAN ENGLISH POETS, Jaipur, Book Enclave, 2009.

Over 150 years of history of Indo-English Poetry as many as 50 anthologies have appeared.  Perfection in anthologies is a myth.  No anthology can claim itself to be complete, truly representative, objective and judicious.  They represent small voices of the big or small streams and rivers.  The anthologies hitherto published carried only old voices, hegemonistically promoted as if giving an impression that there were no new significant voices that Indo-English poetry is completely drained and drought-ridden.   Against this mythical backdrop, the present one is contemplated and executed meticulously.  It is edited with a difference, perhaps the first of its kind to represent the new voices that emerged after 1980’s with biographical sketch, critical appraisal of their poetry, bibliography including primary and secondary sources of the poets in the history of anthologies of Indo-English poetry.  The essential idea behind is so present and project the unacknowledged; much ignored and neglected voices both by the publishers and the academic world.  The twenty one poets include 16 men poets and 5 women poets drawn from various states truly representing the Indian character.  They are: Srinivasa Rangaswami, R.Rabindranath Menon, I.K.Sharma, Kailash P.Varma, Dwaraknath H.Kabadi, Iftikhar Hussain Rizvi, Nalini Sharma, Aju Mukhopadhyay, Pronob Kumar Majumder, T.Vasudeva Reddy, P.C.K.Prem, Asha Viswas, Lakshmi Kannan, R.K.Singh,D.C .Chambial, K.V.Venkataramana, P.Raja, Rita Malhotra, Manas Bakshi, K.V.Raghupathi, and Rita Nath Kesari.


New Delhi, Prestige Books, 2007

Emerson is a towering personality in the realm of American Literature: a prolific writer, a brilliant speaker and a poet-philosopher.  Influenced by oriental thought, chiefly the Vedantic philosophy, he outlined his age by preaching the doctrine of Self-Reliance e and Intuition through his lectures and writings.  Nevertheless, he was an original thinker.  The present book, based on the doctoral thesis of the author, is a comprehensive study of Emerson and the philosophy of his life.  As we turn over the pages of his poems, essays and journals, we find ourselves listening to an oracular voice, uttering words of gnomic wisdom, in clear but almost expressionless tones.  The book makes a rich contribution to the area of American-Indian Literature and Oriental Studies.

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