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My seventh critical anthology, "Critical Perspectives on the Post-1980 Indian Novel in English"

My first short story collection THE UNTOUCHABLE PIGLET containing eighteen short stories
is slated for release in
January, 2016.

A memorable picture of receiving the cash award Rs. 1000/- and a certificate from the then President of INDIA, Justice Hidayathulla in 1980 for standing First at All India National level Essay writing competition held by the INDIAN INSTITUTE OF PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION (IIPA), New Delhi for university students.

A Sweet Memory: A picture of receiving cash award Rs. 2000/- and certificate from the Chief Minister of Pondicherry, Thiru Vaithyalingam in 1996 at International Yoga Festival for my best essay on Yoga.

Memorable picture of receiving Michael Madhusudan Dutt Award for my poetry book, Voice Eternal (1991), later issued as Voice of the Valley (Ist Edition 2003, IInd Edition 2014) in 2000 in Kolkata from the Chief Justice of West Bengal.

My book 'Wisdom of the Peepal Tree' published in 2003 has been republished by the Authors Press with foreword by P.C.K. Prem, New Delhi.

The Peepal Tree drops the ageless wisdom of ancient India through its leaves. The seeker approaches the Peepal Tree with veneration, and the latter bestows upon him peace, tranquility and self-transcendence. The Peepal Tree speaks, with the wisdom of eternity taking the reader along a mystical journey of revelations

My book 'Voice of the Valley' published in 2003 has been republished by the Authors Press with foreword by P.C.K. Prem, New Delhi.

Voice of the Valley is full of esoteric wisdom. Set in the backdrop of an unknown and unnamed valley, the wanderer in his search of pure wisdom falls unconscious. From his unconsciousness his alter ego rises and thus enters into a debate with the wanderer. It is Pure Consciousness, and nothing else. Voice of the Pure Consciousness ultimately becomes the voice of the valley. The voice pours infinite wisdom to the wanderer, Bindura who, awakened and enlightened, resumes his journey endowed with abundant vitality and energy. And as he left he dropped his name Bindura. The wisdom is poured in pure poetry, running into several pages. It is an exhilarating experience to derive such wisdom.

Rock Pebbles National Award 2014: I was being honoured and felicitated  with a Citation by Padmashree Dr. Jayanth Mahapatra at Odisha's Prestigious National Literary Award Felicitation Ceremony, Bhubaneswar.


National Seminar on 'WOMEN POETS IN INDIAN ENGLISH POETRY'organized by Dr. K. V. Raghupathi on March 14-15,2013, at Central University of Tamilnadu, Thiruvarur.

National Seminar on 'WOMEN POETS IN INDIAN ENGLISH POETRY', March 14-15,2013, organized at Central University of Tamilnadu, Thiruvarur.

Dr. K.V. Raghupathi is presenting his poems at 'North East &Southern Writers Meet' at S.V.U. Thirupathi organised by National Sahitya Academy, New Delhi, Nov,2011.  



Asst. Prof. in English  
Department of English,
Central University of Tamil Nadu,
Thiruvarur- 610001,TAMIL NADU. INDIA


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Critics' Views

1.“Wide is the world - teeming with characters and incidents – some of them apparently ordinary – but with an element of the intriguing or the inexplicable lurking in them – as in the grip of old man of the very first story in this collection…Dr. K.V. Raghupathi has the eye to read the message in such phenomena. His short stories are bright with promise.


                                            - Manoj Dass

                                      Padma  sree Awardee, & 

                                      National Sahitya Academy                                                         Winner

2.“Raghupathi is a reflective poet, a wordsmith of considerable vision and innate ability, who is often seen to raise the most lowly instances of the mundane to levels of high, and often urgent, consideration as he gives full rein, in his verse, to clear-cut openness of meaningful introspection.” 

                                     Bernard M. Jackson, 

                                           Poet/ Review Writer,      


3."The truth, for Raghupathi, is to be a member of an elite of the soul, an initiate in the mystery of life, passionately trying to rouse and awaken the rest of us" 

                             - Patricia Prime, Australia

4."His Dispersed Symphonies, is like a satsang, a Spiritual Medicine for the Present Society". It puts forth the poet as a 'Spiritual Physician' 

                              Dr. S. Shivaputra Kanade

5. A Scholar by name Dr. Raghupathi who was affectionately called 'The Scholar Gypsy'. Like the Scholar Zypsy of Mathew Arnold, Raghupathi had "One Aim - One Desire - One Goal". 

                                   - Prof. P. Raja,

                                         Poet,   Short Story Writer,                                              Essayist, Playwright.

6. K.V. Raghupathi is a skilled and conscious craftsman who churns out his multitudinous images on Nature so well in ‘Samarpana

                                        - Dr. P.V. Laxmi Prasad, 

My Awards


1. "Michael Madhusudhan Dutt  Award",                     Kolkata in 2001, 

2."H.D.Thoreau Fellowship", 
      Dhvanyaloka, Mysore in 2000.

3. "The Best Chosen Poet for 2003", Poetry             Society of India, New Delhi.

4. "A Citation and Cash Award" by Chennai               Poet's Circle on 11 Dec 2011, Chennai.

5. "Rock Pebbles National Award for 2014",                Bhubaneshwar. 

Beautiful Lines from 'Dispersed Symphonies'

  1. The dew drops sit on the leaves and meditate upon nothing, receive every spectrum of colour with great love”.                                                            Page.01
  2. "My breath is my music in silence".                                                        Page.09.
  3. "The still pool, a yogi in samadhi is sinking, it looks so". Page.11.
  4. “The unwound straight road must however ends somewhere, It must merge with the Ultimate like the river with the Ocean.Page.15
  5. "Every moment is a change. But everything appears changeless in the veil of drapery" Page. 15.
  6. "Man thinks that he is a chaser, a creator, not knowing that he is chased by his own diabolical forms". Page19.
  7. "The Present is a moment, nothing but a moment riding swiftly on the fairy horse let loose in the vast emply space" Page. 28
  8. "I feel a pulse of life that grows in everything, in deep silence unnoticed".                                                       Page.39
  9. "The moon-glistening water that flows and keeps the ground green, reminding me that whoever travels with love shall make life green as pastures".Page.39.
  10. "Soak me in silence so that I may lose my petty self and be like you". Page.63
  11. "A thing of woods knows better than man how all things can be altered in love beyond death".Page.65
  12. “A stone teaches water moral lessons as to how it should dance rhythmically to the twists and folds of the earth which taking its different course”       Page. 85.
  13. 'Beauty never perishes, but ever shines with its renewed creation every moment".                                 Page.99.
  14. “I alone know the journey I am making on this boat in the river of life without shores” Page. 145. 
  15. "In spring rain, I hope god would send me a boat with rudders and I shall cruise the difficult terrain of life singing hymns of love”. Page. 171.
  16.  “If ever I write again it would be about the beauty of creation and life in all its multiple hues".Page.191.
  17. "A life of dreams is attainable, and a life of visions is reachable". Page.217.
  18. “In the wilderness of cosmos, I search for silence like the urchin for a gram of gold in the drainage water.”    Page. 219. 
  19. "Silence speaks volumes and cascades with symphonies".Page. 219.
  20. "Life bends and passes out like notes in the music". Page. 221.

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